All deposits are non-refundable. Cancellations to be made within 48hrs of booked date for potential rescheduling. Rescheduling only available Monday -Thursday with the same month of original scheduled event. A reschedule may run into the first week of the month if scheduled for the last week of the month.


Five9 Gaming will make every reasonable attempt to deliver an event. Forecast of bad weather is not an exception to the cancellation policy. However, if an event is affected by unsafe weather (tornado warnings, high winds, heavy snow, unsafe roads, or flooding), GameTruck reserves the right to reschedule your event. No refund will be issued for this reschedule.

Event Time/Prep:

Please be aware we require minimum of 30 minute setup prior to event start time. A designated adult representative to grant us access to space and pay remaining balance before setup can begin.

Parking Policy:

For Video Game Parties, prior to arrival please allocate 60 feet (approximately 7 parking spaces) for the game trailer to park that is free of hazards and foot traffic. To avoid damage to customer and GameTruck property, we reserve the right to refuse to pull a game trailer onto customer property. Delays caused by clearing space for the truck and trailer will not prevent us from leaving at the scheduled time.A permit is only required if we will need to park in a “No Parking” zone. GameTruck trailers are no wider than any contractor or landscaper vehicle and in most cases parking outside the home at the curb is not an issue. If a parking permit is required it will be the responsibility of Customer to arrange for one.