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Five9 Gaming can help you provide an exciting experience because we understand the power of social bonds. Entertaining a small intimate group of family and friends, who already know each other, is very different from entertaining larger groups of co-workers and classmates. The need for purposeful interaction changes yet again when the audience size increases where community may be all people have in common. Purpose plays a powerful role in creating the excitement that comes from shared experiences.Five9 Gaming is able to host a variety of corporate and large scale events. We’d like to help plan yours.

Features of Gaming Truck

independent Wi-Fi- we bring our own Wi-Fi . Latest Games, four PlayStations, 1 Xbox, 2 Nintendo switches, 1 packman machine

Available for rental

30ft Slip N Slide Coverage area Lake County Fl. Eustis, Tavares, Mount Dora, Leesburg, Umatilla Fl . All locations are welcome but service fee may be applied dependent location/mileage.



6HD TV’s/ 8 Consoles

PacMan Arcade Machine


Nintendo Switch